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If you don't love your GuruPad so much that you throw away your bedframe so you can sleep on it, return it at no cost.

Seriously, we want this to be the right mat, for your body.

Alternatively, if you need help getting the most out of your GuruPad please reach out to one of our team members for 1-on-1 session.

jschlafly@gurupad.co, P: (314)-580-2768
E: bass@gurupad.co, P: (303) - 906-02611
E: jacie@gurupad.co

We're not reinventing the yoga mat, just making it more functional. Because of that, we were able to produce a quality that rivals the best. PU Leather is extremely durable and grippy. It even works better wet.

95% of the mat is made from recycled rubber, the top is new to provide best grip and quality.

5mm thick and comfy

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